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St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge


Welcome to St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge

From July 15 to August 11, 2020, the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge will take place at the hotel!

The setting of the hotel's domain is ideal for daydreaming and meditation thanks to a natural environment, a lush garden and an exercise area located directly on the sea.

The Summer Camp will take place around the theme Sankalpa, which in the yogic tradition represents will, determination, but also the attention given to the meaning of life.

The Manapany Hotel, in collaboration with Diana Bourel, yoga teacher and transpersonal therapist, of Ecuadorian-American origin, with more than 20 years of experience in Europe, the United States and Asia. She has been practicing in St Barthélemy since 1999, under the name "Art of Self Care".

Guests staying at the Manapany during the St Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge dates will be able to participate free of charge in the workshops scheduled at the Manapany as they wish.

Summer Camp introduction
Like every summer for the past 12 years, The St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge and Yoga University, I cordially welcome you to join me for this island retreat focused on yoga, meditation, breath work, outdoor activities and wellness ateliers.
From July 15 through August 11, our happy place is the beautiful seaside hotel resort and spa Le Manapany in Anse des Cayes, St-Barthélemy.  I am so grateful to see all of you once again and share practice and community at such a beautiful and welcoming venue.
The Camp offers an a-la-carte approach to destination yoga retreats. You can join at any point during the Summer Camp, whatever your practice level, even beginner, and choose from different class packages that enable you to come as often as you choose.  
The St. Barth Summer Camp and Yoga University is above all an adventure in personal growth woven around a solid core of yoga, breath work, meditation practice and personal growth workshops.

I cordially invite you to join me and discover the best of a healthy summer in St. Barth.


Diana Bourel

Morning sessions
Mastering Mindfulness- Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation with Diana Bourel
Monday through Friday from 7 am to 9 am
This  2-hour complete morning practice  will focus on 80-90 minutes of asana practice, followed by conscious breath work and meditation and a wonderful relaxation for the remainder of class time. The classic structure of practice is solicited to prepare the physical body and mind to be centered, sharp and focused.
Splurge! - Stoking the Creative fires to create the content of change
Monday through Friday from 9am to 9:30 am
After morning practice, we’ll spend 30 quiet moments journaling. This fantastic habit is a way of carving out time for your observations, questions, and your musings as you work creatively towards manifesting your Sankalpa.
Wake up Hatha Yoga with Diana Bourel
Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11:30 am
Hatha yoga study emphasizes physical exercise and proper breath to awaken the body and purify the mind. In a carefully sequenced development of poses, the different categories of yoga postures are practiced for full-range access to the body. This class mobilizes joints, stretches muscles, builds strength and opens the body’s subtle energy canals. And, it’s a lot of fun!
Asana Lab and Week in Review with Diana
Saturday from 11:30 am - 1 pm
We’ll highlight the key themes and building blocks of the prior week, go over sequences, share our observations, ask questions in a nurturing and storytelling environment. The excitement of understanding instruction in your own body leads to ‘aha’ moments as you begin to dive more deeply into a practice that you can call your own.  You’ll be ready for lunch after your Super Saturday Morning.
Afternoon and night sessions
Yoga Therapy co-led by Diana Bourel live in Saint Barth and Santhanam Nirhasan (Zoomed in from Lima, Peru)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm
This class will look at the medicine of yoga by mapping out the body area by area and looking at injuries and the therapeutic solutions yoga provides. Posture variations and modifications are taught, but as importantly, students will learn to listen to their bodies and develop a sense of their working zone.
Over the four-week Summer Camp, we’ll be tackling the body from bottom to top.  Week 1- The roots- working Feet and Building strong legs  Week 2- Hips and Lower back. Week 3- Spine and Core abdominals Week 4- Upper body, shoulders neck and head
Yoga Challenge
Tuesday and Thursday from 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm
Building endurance, strength, stability can be measured in your ability to feel ease within the poses themselves and your ability to manage your breath. This class, a physical and mental gauntlet to any part of you that’s been refusing growth, will vary three components to challenge and improve your baseline health : duration of pose, speed of transition from pose to pose, and variety of poses
Yoga Zen with Diana Bourel and Greg Bosc
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-8: 30 pm (30€ per personn)
This restorative evening practice provides a way to peacefully end the day, stretch your body and let your mind come peacefully home. YOGA ZEN helps to support the nervous system and prepare a beautiful night of rich sleep while cultivating the quiet that is the source of joy and inner strength. YOGA NIDRA, the conscious relaxation of mind, body and psyche is a tool for clearing the sub-conscious mind of hidden stress. Our digital artist and sound healer, Greg Bosc, will be mixing the music for these wonderful classes. 
Sound bath with Greg Bosc
Tuesday from 7- 8:30  pm (30€ per personn)
Led by Greg Bosc, go deep into the inner landscapes with this wonderful session of live music therapy. Gongs, bowls, bells and other instruments will take you towards a space of deep relaxation, meditation and healing.
Signature summer camp outdoor classes
Meditation Circle with DIANA BOUREL 
Thursday from 7-8 pm at the Anglican Church center in Gustavia
This meditation circle meets year-round to practice mindfulness at the Anglican Church center, the building to the left of the Church. The circle is open to all, whatever your level or experience.  Different meditation techniques and themes from week to week. Chairs and cushions are available but if you have your own meditation cushion, please feel free to bring it.
Aqua Yoga
Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday from 10 to 11 am at St. Jean beach near Nikki Beach
Using water noodles as flotation supports and props, we work through a range of asana-infused movements. Water resistance and locomotion provides a joint-friendly cardiovascular workout in the great outdoors. The water element helps us target and improve micro-circulation, combat cellulite and sculpt and tone muscles. This signature SBSCYC water class will leave you feeling tingly and joyful, is perfect for  post-surgery, injuries that have to be nursed and for expectant mothers, too. Meet up in your bathing suit and sun protection by Nikki Beach in St. Jean equipped with 2 water noodles. Water goggles are a real plus for making sure you can see the exercise from underwater.
The SBSC YOGA CHALLENGE LOGO towels are out! Great colors, practical and functional, and they make a great gift.
Different colors available, upon request  :  50 euros
Island hike - Super Saturday from 7- 9 am
A heart-healthy way to log in your cardio, build endurance, strength and alignment. Every week, we’ll take a new and challenging itinerary. Discover St. Barth’s astounding beauty while making friends and challenging your quads. Wear good shoes, sun protection, and bring your personal water supply!
Need Sun protection for your head? The St. Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge Visors are functional and cool! Upon request, 35 euros.
KRIYAS and Sun Salutations on Saline Beach
Sunday from 8:30 -10 am
Through these purification practices and techniques, like gazing, rotation of consciousness and mudras, you’ll become familiar with the subtle anatomy that yoga addresses : chakras, meridians, marmas and nadis as the conduits of energy and awareness. Come to Saline beach, (far left when facing the beach),  in your bathing suit, bring a pareo, sun screen and a water bottle.
In addition to the Saint Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge schedule, discover the guest teachers and ateliers this year which include :
The Voice of Yoga- Catherine Mangaro
African Dance- Cecile Coudreau
Sundaran Balasabramian, PhD, cell biology
Yoga Summer Camp Pass

In order to perfect this holistic experience, the Manapany Hotel offers a package that includes :

  •     One night free for 3 consecutive nights booked,
  •     Free transfers from the airport or the port,
  •     Breakfast,
  •     Access to all the activities of the Resort (swimming pools, beach, gym)
  •     As well as access to the activities offered at the Yoga Summer Camp ;

Price: from 550 € per night, to book, contact us:

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