Our Spa

Enter a world of peace and tranquility at the Manapany Spa

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A well-being haven nestled in lush backdrop

The Manapany Spa blends into its light-filled surroundings. Looking out over the sea cutting through the surf, you will giddily surrender to a massage in our private or double cabins.

Our Cares

The bio-aesthetic care collection, signed by Dr. Hauschka, will offer you a unique know-how and an exceptional relaxing experience. Holistic therapies, honoring local heritage, will be combined with modern care and exclusive branding protocols.

100% natural and organic skin care with a difference


Ingredients from nature, selected medicinal herbs, our very own treatment concept and a core idea that shapes our special skin care approach and our cosmetic products: the skin possesses its own powers of nurture and regeneration and skin care products should support these functions.