Hotel Manapany

5 minutes away from Gustaf III airport

5 minutes away Gustavia city center

Caribbean bliss


Come set down in Manapany. Nestled inside the Anse des Cayes, you will uncover St. Bart's Caribbean roots. In complete harmony with its surroundings, the domain turns solitude and wonder into commonplace sensations, reviving a long-forgotten gentler way of life, sprinkled with simple elegance and discreet refinement. Here, you can experience the primordial sensations of the most beautiful island in all the French West Indies, and soak in the pleasures of a dawning world.

Spirit of place


At the end of a quiet path, nothing but the sound of surf, quickly hushed by the sand. In the day's early dawn, the beach at Manapany unfolds before us, just a stone's throw from Saint-Jean and Gustavia, the island's main town. It curves up towards the valley. We are enveloped by pink and blue hues. To the East, the horizon is set aflame, awakening our five senses. Willow-green beneath the surf, looming waves form on the rocky coral shoals: we have come to Les Cayes. Surfers delight in this spot, and it is known almost exclusively to them, a secret place where tropical winds blow away the everyday. Manapany is like an enviably intimate miracle. It abounds in shimmering views that surpass reality. In the balmy, shifting morning air, our gaze never quite settles, lost in the intensity of the sky. The rare clouds we see are the whitest anywhere.