Back to the roots

Welcome to your new home

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Welcome at Manapany Hotel

Set on the tranquil Anse des Cayes bay, toes in the sand, the Manapany hotel is just 5 minutes away from Gustaf III airport and Gustavia town. Offering 43 beautifully-appointed rooms & suites facing the ocean, the Manapany features: 2 resort - style swimming pools including one reserved for adults, a restaurant on the beach, a bar facing the ocean, a spa by the ocean and many other services.

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Back to the roots


At the end of a solitary path, nothing but the sound of surf, quickly hushed by the sand.
The beach at Manapany (5 minutes from St Jean and Gustavia) unfolds before us, just a stone's throw from Saint-Jean and Gustavia, the island's main town.
The fragrance of flowers fills the air, sea swallows take flight, we breathe in indulgently
Willow-green beneath the surf, looming waves form on the rocky coral shoals: we have come to Les Cayes
Surfers delight in this spot. An undisturbed rocky peak shelters us from onlookers. the beach extending from the foot of Manapany is both wild and romantic, and ever so discreet.
Aflutter with butterflies. under the blazing sun, among the clamor of white birds, the fragrances of a garden, almost wild in its exuberance, we wander through it back to our roots.
The tenet of Manapany: complete respect and protection of the environment in the heart of this majestic nature, casual luxury.

Home sweet home

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Set in the fine sand or perched on the hillside, the villas exist halfway between land and sea.
Manapany's architecture (with its 32 villas) exudes the spirit of these islands. The same is true of the decor, reflecting both a sense of open space and introspection. There is a regard for gentle tendencies and natural materials, the tropical wood too.
Its dark veining covers the elegant furnishings, reflecting modernity while hinting at sweet reminiscences.
The partitions and ceilings are bright like the Creole madras and embroideries. They play with every color of the rainbow, from pepper red to turmeric yellow, from mint green to ultramarine blue.
Mexican women weaved the bright cotton wall hangings and cushions for this exceptional place. Here, singular drawings dance across the walls.  

Bar and Restaurant

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Manapany is embedded in the island's culture, often cosmopolitan, sometimes reminiscent of Brittany.
Always loquacious, it reveals its secrets, one by one. We savor them in little sips, like chilled champagne or a well-aged dark rum.
Prepared in a dream-shaker, its cocktails combine local colors and flavors.
The cuisine also combines the best ingredients that the island has to offer.
Seafood, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown right here in the domain... Brimful of complex aromas, subtly cooked with fresh spices, the food in our plates remains simple and genuine.
In a land of rum, the sweeter pleasures are no less important. The island's brown nectar fills baba pastries, flavors the gâteau nantais, and brings a new spin on the crêpe suzette.

Wellness and spa

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The Manapany Spa blends into its light-filled surroundings. Looking out over the sea at sailboats cutting through the surf, we giddily surrender to our massage.
Here, the line between reality and the eternity of dreams is blurred, and our body and mind revels in it. Both congenial and refined, Manapany has perfected the art of serenity.