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Eco Resort Manapany

Unwind in the authentic heart of St. Barts.


Live "la belle vie"

A trip to St. Barts with Hotel Manapany means experiencing St. Barts to the fullest. Our environmentally friendly five-star hotel and spa showcase an island where rejuvenation is a way of life, a place where reinventing yourself will make you appreciate life to the fullest. In the morning, take advantage of our free yoga and Pilates sessions on our sunny deck, walk on the white sand and feel nature’s gentle warmth beneath your feet.

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Align your breath with the sea’s rhythms and escape to a treasure trove of Caribbean secrets. Marvel as blue skies hug colorful, richly scented streets. Head for the Caribbean, where true heat and passion await. Lounge by the side of one of the hotel’s two swimming pools. Come taste the loveliest of all luxuries, that of a happy life in the incandescence of St. Barts’ gorgeous weather.

Manapany's experiences
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Elegance and authenticity

Our environmental Manapany resort hotel will take you back to your essential roots and delight your senses with a simple ode to Caribbean sophistication. Come unwind in St. Bart’s, give yourself to its pure lifestyle. Rest in the elegance of one of the hotel’s 43 spacious rooms and suites. Be unabashedly idle and sync with the weather in our natural setting. The Manapany Resort’s unique atmosphere respects the island’s authenticity.

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Through subtle blends between sleek, bold furniture lines and deep tropical essences, its atmosphere is modern, highlighted by spontaneous, sensitive chic, a cross between an environmentally friendly boutique hotel and a St. Barths villa. An authentic spot, the Manapany reveals a sweet, simple lifestyle, the sign of a unique Boutique-Hotel that goes against the grain of standardized hospitality.

Rooms & Suites

Nature in all her majesty

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The Manapany is an ideal place for travelers who are not sure where to go in the Caribbean. Come to St. Barts and feel the sea spray stroke your senses, let the heat bask you in gentle salt mist. The five-star Manapany hotel and spa are an invitation to experience an exquisite range of colors, from blue-tinged waves and fine opalescent sand to the lush, bright greens of its plantations, without forgetting splendid pink, red, and yellow highlights in its plants and tropical fruit. A velvet setting devoted to intimacy and happiness, our luxury resort is ideally located on Anse des Cayes Bay, a place imbued with lush Caribbean nature.
The Manapany, your home at the heart of the islands, your villa in St. Barts, sings the glories of spring, offering a glimpse of nature’s infinite majesty and beauty. As an environmental hotel devoted to preserving this corner of paradise, the Manapany follows an optimal water treatment protocol that does not use any chemicals, even in its spa, where our line of products is 100% natural.
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An ideal location to experience
the real St. Barts

Far from the excitement and fever of touristy St. Barts, Hotel Manapany greets you in a genuine landscape, on Anse des Cayes Bay, where the spray from giant waves comes to stroke its wild beach.

The resort’s location on the island is unrivaled. Hotel Manapany’s fleet of e-cars allows you to fully discover St. Barts.

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To the west lies the Flamand neighborhood, a hub for island traditions.

To the east, Saint-Jean and its shops never fail to attract tourists. To the south, Corossol, a quaint traditional village, is home to fishermen and artisans, while Gustavia’s history and monuments charm visitors.

In addition, Gustavia, the island’s capital, is only a 5-minute drive from the hotel, along with Saint-Barthélemy-Rémy-de-Haenen airport, where flights for St. Barts bring holiday goers to their tropical paradise of choice. Stop wondering when you should go to St. Barts, or what you can do on the island.

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